Chiha Studios- meet the team

Gaby Chiha- Head Photographer

My camera travels with me everywhere, quite literally- I'm passionate about traveling the world as often as I can (afford) and I always take portraits of the people I meet along the way.

When I'm not photographing or traveling, I'm trying to get outdoors as often as possible for really any type of adventure, activity, or sport. These days, it's all about hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

In 2014, I graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor's degree in journalism and minor in photography. From there I began working at Pierre Chiha Photographers as a full time photographer and administrator. 

In 2016, I decided I needed a change in my life and moved to Paris (that's me in Paris on the left). I spent over a year there as an Au Pair, speaking french and teaching english, being a Parisian and of course photographing my adventure all along the way. You can see the destination wedding I photographed while I was over there.

In 2017, I founded Chiha Studios. My photography style at work, and in my personal life, is a combination of artistic and photojournalistic. Which means instead of snapping conventional photos, I'm always interested in creating a beautiful and thoughtful image. It also means I'm always creating a story with my images.

Pierre Chiha- Photographer

I've loved photography ever since I picked up my first camera at 13 years old, however, as an adult it hasn't always been my profession. 

I was born in Cairo, raised in Beirut and educated in Paris, so I would say I have a unique background. All of this originally led me into the chemistry field. I obtained my PhD in physical chemistry from Boston University in 1978 and in 1987 went back to obtain my MBA. 

I've taught portraiture and lighting technique courses at the New England School of Photography in 2001 and at the Continuing Education Program in Concord every year since 2003. 

As a professional photographer for over 20 years, I photograph people because I love to capture their personalities and create moments they'll be able to look back at and enjoy for generations.

When I'm not photographing, I'm usually hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire (working on that 4,000 footer list) or traveling to places around the world. Paris is always a frequent special destination for me. 

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