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4 Creative Poses For Your Wedding Party That AREN'T Traditional Or Boring

Chances are your wedding party will contain your closest friends and family, and you definitely want to capture images of everyone together. But there are so many more images you can get beyond the standard posed photo.

You’ll always get a classic wedding party photo from us for the sake of tradition. And here it is:

party 1

Still gorgeous in my opinion. But let’s talk about the fun and unique wedding party photos you should DEFINITELY also be getting!

Give it a little attitude

Put a fresh twist on the wedding party photo by posing a little more creatively. Stagger the couples in rows or groups with each couple doing something a little bit different. You guys will look MUCH less stiff and it will create a more modern and stylish mood.

party 2

Go for a stroll

I love this one because it’s more natural and candid than posed bridal party photos. Spread out a little and walk slowly towards the camera while chit-chatting with each other and trying to make each other laugh. You may be surprised at the fun images you get and how well they capture everyone’s personalities.

party 3

Be Vanity Fair models

This pose is my personal favorite. Think of classy magazine spreads that show off a group of people in a variety of poses, everyone looking their absolute best. I’ll pose you in a magazine-worthy tableau, and then I’ll ask you all to throw me your best Vanity Fair look. And, for the men, we’ll go more GQ.

party 4
party 5

Have a little fun

Your photos should show off your personalities, and what better way to do that than to be a little silly? Whether it’s a classic “cheers" moment for the boys before the ceremony or something a little more crazy(!), your bridal party photos can really set the mood for the rest of the day.

party 6
party 7

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