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5 Perfect Poses To Nail Your Couple's Portraits

Being in front of a camera can make many brides and grooms nervous. You may not have much experience in front of a camera or even feel comfortable. Or you're excited to be photographed but aren't really sure how to pose, what kind of smile to give, or what the heck you should do with your hands.

That’s totally okay- you hired a professional photographer not only to capture all the important moments on your big day, but to guide you through the whole process. Here are a few of my favorite go-to poses for your couple portraits.

Stroll hand-in-hand

This is a great one to start with my couples because it's easy for the two of you. It's a simple-yet-sweet candid moment that also showcases your gorgeous venue that you spent months picking out. 

I’ll find a wide open space so I can have the two of you go off walking together. You'll just chit chat together, relax, and maybe exchange a little kiss.

posing 6
posing 7
posing 8

Have a laugh

This pose is one of my favorite ways to capture a couple’s genuine personalities. I’ll tell the groom to grab her close and whisper something ridiculous into her ear—an inside joke or even something a little flirtatious. And then I’ll snap some shots of your laughter and expressions. These often turn out to be some of the best photos.

Get a little romantic

It’s your wedding day, but too often you may find you don’t have time to just be together. That’s why I like to make sure to capture some intimate moments between the couple. Hold each other close and just have a quiet moment together. Or practice your first dance.

posing 9
posing 10
posing 11

Go for a dramatic look

Dramatic portraits, when done correctly, are always sexy. I like to tell my couples to go in for the slowest kiss you can possibly do together. The result? A sultry and suspenseful moment that has you wanting more.

Or I'll have the bride lean back as the groom comes in for a kiss with her. The result is a romantic and dramatic moment together. 

posing 12

Scoop her up

This is a popular pose, and rightfully so, because it's one of the most fun. I’ll tell the groom to scoop his bride up like you’re her Prince Charming. This shot is a great way to show off your individual personalities and get some laughing photos as well. 

posing 13
posing 14

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