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2023 Top 10 Destination Wedding Planners for the South of France

outdoor wedding portrait of couple in a field of flowers

What are we talking about - 2023 Top 10 destination wedding planners in the south of France.

Who is this for - This list is curated for American and English speaking couples who are interested in getting married in the south of France.

Why - You want to have your wedding in the south of France  and you don't want to plan it alone.

You've come to the right place.

My name is Gaby Chiha and I'm the photographer behind Chiha Studios. I've been photographing weddings since 2012 so I have an incredible amount of experience with weddings. I want to pass down my knowledge to future couples so that you can have the most incredible and unforgettable wedding.

I've curated a list of the very best wedding planners in 2023  for English speaking couples who want to get married in the south of France. With this list, you can leave the stress of wedding planning BEHIND you. This list is going to help you have the most spectacular wedding of a lifetime. Happy reading.


Artistic portrait of bride on a boat. Beach wedding photo by Chiha Studios
view of the French Riviera in the south of France. Photography by Chiha Studios.

What does a wedding planner do?

Let me start off by saying that it took me years to figure out what the heck a wedding planner exactly does... and I'm a professional wedding photographer. So don't feel bad if you're also feeling a bit lost on what a wedding planner does.
Good news, I've figured it out (lol) and I'm here to explain it in SIMPLE terms.

Different wedding planners offer different services. Make sure you understand the different types services wedding planners offer. My recommendation is choosing a wedding planner that does all 3 of the following-

1. Wedding Design

  • Wedding design is the theme, style, and overall look of your wedding. If you want an incredible and unique wedding, but you have no idea what that actually looks like in real life, this is where a wedding designer comes in. They will help you figure out what your style is, what you like, and don't like. From here, they'll be able to give you all the best expert ideas to choose from.
  • Or, if you already have clear ideas in mind, your wedding designer will bring your ideas to life with all the vendors and connections and resources they have at their disposal.

2. Wedding Planning

  • Now it's time to get help executing your wedding design
  • Your wedding planner will provide you with the best of the best vendor recommendations
  • Help getting all your vendors booked
  • They will help keep your budget on track so you don't go over
  • Keep you organized with a timeline and checklist so you get everything done in time
  • Eliminate the stress of wedding planning
  • Help you with communicating with your vendors along the way, because it can be a lot
  • Your point of contact throughout the whole process whenever you need help or advice

3. Wedding Day Coordination

  • This is for help on the actual day of your wedding
  • Your planner will be there from start to finish
  • They will make sure the whole day goes smoothly
  • Someone to be in charge of the timeline so nothing is late
  • Connects and coordinates with the vendors
  • You get to just enjoy the day, knowing everything is taken care of
blue beach wedding venue in nice france

Why hire a wedding planner?

  1. You want the most incredible wedding you'll remember forever
  2. Expert recommendations
  3. Design & decoration ideas from a professional
  4. Insider connections and resources
  5. Eliminate the stress
  6. Put the FUN back into wedding planning

Top 10 Destination Wedding Planners for the South of France

chloe atlan, the founder of aava wedding planning
Chloe Atlan - Founded 2002


Aava Wedding is a FULL service wedding planning company. Chloe Atlan Co-founded Aava Wedding in 2002 with her mother Carole. They are one of the very first wedding planners in France. 

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent vendor relationships
  • Can effortlessly fix any issue
  • Stood out compared to other planners with their positive energy and vibe
  • The wedding was magical and like a dream
  • Aava Wedding will make you feel special and unique
  • Languages Spoken -
  • French
  • English
Claire Yossman of Claire Yossman Weddings
Claire Yossman - ‘New best friend and champagne enthusiast’


Claire Yossman Weddings produces and designs outstanding destination weddings for an international clientele, specializing in Provence and the French Riviera.

  • Will help you feel at ease when you’re unsure what to choose
  • Can blend cultures
  • After searching high and wide, they chose Claire
  • Helped stay on budget
  • The wedding turned out better than what was in their dreams
  • Guests commented on how lovely Claire is
  • Languages Spoken -
  • French
  • English
  • Italian
Marie Chicchirichi wedding planner
Marie Chicchirichi - Founded 2016


Inspired by the nature and design trends, Marie Chicchirichi and her team organize and create a bespoke aesthetic for your event. Every detail is carefully thought out, according to your personality and the atmosphere you wish to create, with our French savoir-faire, for a perfect harmony on the big day. 

Pro tip - you pronounce her last name like this: chee-chee-ree-chee

  • Attention to details
  • Goes above and beyond
  • Constant support
  • Languages Spoken -
  • French
  • English
Imene Hanafi - Founded 2015


The Wedding Planners Monaco plan weddings not only in Monaco but also the south of France and in Italy. They work closely with you to build your “wedding brand” and to create a cohesive look. They collaborate with the very best vendors to create a personalized experience.

  • Other wedding planners often talk about themselves too much, but Imene and her team truly care about you.
  • Great recommendations on adding french touches
  • World class, impeccable taste
  • All the guests were wowed
  • The wedding was even better than ever imagined
  • Can organize a wedding with guests coming from 10 different countries
  • Languages Spoken -
  • French
  • English
Nyachia Knight


 Named "Best in Class: The Top Wedding Planners and Event Designers" by Martha Stewart Weddings

  • Organized and calm in any situation
  • Impeccable taste and vision
  • Fights for her couples
  • Her passion for wedding planning truly shows in her work
  • Makes sure you get the best vendors
  • Languages Spoken -
  • English
  • French


Location: Fete in France is located in Paris

Wedding Destinations: Paris, South of France, Worldwide

Planning weddings since: 2006

Description: Nancy LaTart and Anne Mulvihill are the ladies behind Fete in France. They are your American wedding planners in France. You'll never feel pushed into anything. You will always have lots of options to choose from. They can handle planning with an extremely short timeline if they need to.


Location: Wanderlust Wedding is located in Nice, France

Wedding Destinations: France + Italy

Planning weddings since: 2012

Description: Lisa and Franck are the owners of Wanderlust Wedding and they serve couples wanting a destination wedding in France or Italy. Wanderlust Wedding offers services in planning, design, production, and coordination.


Location: Lavender and Rose is located in the south of France in Cannes

Wedding Destinations: South of France

Planning weddings since: 2009

Description: Kerry and Jennifer are the founders of Lavender and Rose. Their philosophy revolves heavily around a “boutique approach." They only accept a limited number of weddings per season so that they can approach each wedding with a fresh outlook. This, in turn, creates a close bond with their clients to ensure that their wedding truly reflects them.


Location: White Eden Weddings is located in the south of France in Cannes

Wedding Destinations: South of France

Description: Mylene & Geoffrey are the founders and power couple behind White Eden Weddings. They are both originally from the south of France. Their experience and management in first class events allows couples to fully trust them in the organization of their wedding.


Location: Anne Laure Weddings is located in the south of France in Toulouse

Wedding Destinations: Toulouse, Provence, French Riviera, + Italy

Description: Anne Laure creates elegant and timeless weddings. She has lived in many countries around the world, has a deep passion for travel, and she used to study foreign languages. 

Bride and groom spraying champagne in the mountains

Now that you have the best wedding planner, don't forget about your wedding photographer.

Gaby Chiha - Photographer


Published in The Knot Wedding Magazine

Thank you for reading my article about the very best destination wedding planners in the south of France. I would be honored to be considered as your wedding photographer.

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