This is a portrait of a black bride on the French Riviera for a destination wedding. Photographed by destination wedding photographer Chiha Studios


September 11, 2023
France Wedding Photographers

These destination wedding photographers are best for English speaking couples who want to have an unforgettable wedding in the south of France.

This is a portrait of a black bride on the French Riviera for a destination wedding. Photographed by destination wedding photographer Chiha Studios
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Great question. My name is Gaby Chiha and I’m the photographer behind Chiha Studios. I’ve been photographing weddings since 2012 so I have an incredible amount of experience with weddings. I want to pass down my knowledge to future couples so that you can have the most unique and unforgettable wedding.

I’ve curated a list of the very best destination wedding photographers in the south of France so that English speaking couples can have the wedding of their dreams. With this list, you can leave the stress of wedding planning behind you. This list is going to help you have the most spectacular wedding of a lifetime. Happy reading.

engagement session portrait of couple in Nice, France
Engagement session on the French Riviera
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This is a list of all the criteria I look for in destination wedding photographers. You know you’ve hit gold if you find a photographer that checks off ALL of these criteria.

  1. Located in the south of France or on the French Riviera
  2. Speaks English fluently
  3. Speaks French fluently
  4. Has many years experience as a full time wedding photographer (not part time)
  5. Has experience photographing on the French Riviera
  6. Beautiful + artistic photographs
  7. Authentic + genuine emotion in the photographs
  8. Provides a full photography experience that is personalized and in-depth to each couple
  9. Provides beautiful physical art prints and fine art photobooks
  10. Has expert knowledge and recommendations to provide on the area
Portrait of couple during couple's photoshoot in old town in Nice, France. Photographed by Chiha Studios.
Photoshoot in Nice, France
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Chiha Studios is a destination wedding photographer

Gaby Chiha, the artist behind Chiha Studios, is a destination wedding photographer located in Nice, France. Her photography style is natural, artistic, and stunning. Chiha Studios captures all of the candid moments throughout the day in a natural and genuine way. And at the same time, Gaby is an expert in capturing stunning portraits of her couples outdoors that feel artistic and magazine-worthy.

Past couples absolutely rave about Chiha Studios. Gaby goes above and beyond to deliver the absolute best experience and photographs for her couples. Chiha Studios couples are typically outdoorsy and adventurous, value experiences over things, love to travel, and appreciate art.

black and white portrait of a bride twirling her dress

Gaby is American and originally from the Boston area. She’s also part French and speaks French fluently. With Chiha Studios, you get more than just beautiful photos. You get a luxury photography experience that is not like any other photography studio.

Don’t leave your wedding photos to chance. Reach out and get more information from Chiha Studios today.


Location: Provence

Wedding Destinations: Paris, Provence, and French Riviera

Description: Claire is a destination wedding photographer that specializes in weddings and elopements for international clients. She has captured memories for hundreds of couples from all over the world. British born, based in Provence, Claire travels all over France from Monaco to Marseille,  Montpellier to Menton and beyond. It’s her passion to create timeless, colorful, intimate and iconic wedding and elopement photography from the heart of the South of France, bringing years of experience and knowledge of the regions to enable her to create an unrivalled service for her clients.”


Location: Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France

Wedding Destinations: South of France + Paris

Description: As said by the destination wedding photographer herself – “I’m a wedding, portrait and editorial photographer based in South Of France, serving clients for their Event in the south of France. Combining documentaries and editorial style, I capture honest & timeless images to reveal connection between my subjects. I find most of my inspiration from humans, travels, interior design, fashion, architecture, and beauty around me.”


Location: French Riviera

Wedding Destinations: South of France + Italy

Description: As said by the destination wedding photographer herself – “As a wedding photographer with an editorial approach, I have a deep love for natural light, details and stunning landscapes. I strive to create poetic and timeless images, capturing every little details down to the most important emotional moment. I love intimate and moving ceremonies, beautiful details, stunning bouquets, nude colors, stylish tables, fashion dresses, beautiful sunsets. But most of all I love authentic love stories.”


Location: Nice, France

Wedding Destinations: France

Description: As said by the destination wedding photographer himself: “I try to capture the atmosphere and the authenticity of a moment, to build with you unique and unforgettable memories. I believe that wedding photography is best when it is a natural capture of the day, so I don’t seek to control your wedding day, but I do seek to aesthetically capture the many joyful moments that the day offers. My goal is to tell your story through a photo story. Beautiful photos are great, but beautiful photos that tell a story are even better! I will provide you with beautiful wedding photographs that will capture the unique bond between you. I will also be there to accompany you, and make sure you are relaxed to enjoy your day. Because relaxed and smiling newlyweds will naturally look good in the pictures!”


Location: Nice, France

Wedding Destinations: France, Monaco, and Italy

Description: As said by the photographer himself: “I am in the movement of Fine Art, or said “luminous”, my style puts forward artistic wedding photographs, which want to be soft, luminous and timeless images intended for the modern bride and groom. My approach is to produce images that are both iconic and fashionable (15-20%) while integrating them into a photo story (80-85%) to tell your fabulous wedding day story. I love that my newlyweds feel special and comfortable with my look and posing skills, which makes it easy for them to adopt a natural attitude, even for newlyweds who are not used to being photographed by a professional.


Location: Cannes, France

Wedding Destinations:

Description: Terence describes his photography style as romantic, powdered, and elegant. As said by the photographer himself: “I wish to offer to the bride and groom who trust me beautiful, chic and elegant memories. But I also wish to deliver them photographs alive, true and faithful to their history. My approach mixes photo-reportage and aesthetic research. With discretion, I follow you throughout your day and document the big and small moments of your wedding with my sensitivity and my know-how. A look, a smile, a gesture. I tell your story and your emotions through my own vision, educated by my experience, my reading of the light, but also my own artistic sensitivity.”


Location: French Riviera + California, USA

Wedding Destinations: USA and Europe

Description: As said by the photographer herself: “International Wedding photographer based between Los Angeles and France, my photos are inspired by fine art and photojournalistic styles. I particularly like light images that are simple, natural, and timeless. I use what is already there to seek-out the natural beauty in everything around me: the light, the subjects, and the moment. Playing with the styles, tones, and textures of my surroundings to create a joyful, organic look and feel in every composition. Indeed, I have a deep passion for expressing the most humble and authentic by focusing on the sincere. I work around the US, Europe and internationally.”


Location: Provence, France

Wedding Destinations: Europe and beyond

Description: My clients come from all over the world to get married in France, UK or Italy. They want it laidback & stylish as a gathering of people they cherish the most. They have chosen to have a destination wedding. Since 2009, they feel confident when I photograph them.


Location: Antibes, France

Wedding Destinations: France

Description: Sylvain is a French photographer located in Antibes, which is on the French Riviera. He photographs weddings, couples sessions, and family sessions. He can also photograph other events such as birthdays.

Thanks for reading! Now go get inspired by this gallery of a summer wedding on the French Riviera. It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Photographed by destination wedding photographer Chiha Studios.

SUMMER WEDDING ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA by Chiha Studios wedding photography

Chiha Studios



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