Don’t Miss Out On A Couples Photoshoot On The French Riviera

November 14, 2023

This couple had their photoshoot in Nice, France which is one of the top destinations on the French Riviera

1. Your photoshoot will feel like a fun date adventure

Imagine if your photoshoot wasn’t just a photoshoot. What if you were having a picnic on the beach, or going for a walk through a beautiful neighborhood, or sharing a bottle of wine, or any other special or fun activity. We encourage couples to turn the photoshoot into a fun date that like a couple’s adventure.

2. The landscape and views

The French Riviera is absolutely gorgeous. Vibrant turquoise Mediterranean Sea. The foothills of the French alps in the background. Colorful, charming, and quaint old town neighborhoods. Glowing sunsets. Tropical trees and plants everywhere. You’ll feel like you’re walking around a dream or that you’re in a vintage french film. I often feel like I’m on a honeymoon, even though I’ve never had one!

3. Feel more deeply connected with your partner

During your photoshoot you better bet you’re going to be cuddly, close, silly, hand holding, and kissing. Couples leave their photoshoot feeling more connected with each other because they took the time to really do something romantic for each other.

4. The culture and cuisine

The French Riviera is internationally renown for many reasons. Elton John, among many other celebrities, have a home here. As soon you step into the region you’ll feel the French chic way of life become a part of you.

The food! Whole grilled sea bass, fresh oysters, aperol spritz, french wine, homemade pasta, raclette, cheese fondue, among other amazing local cuisine and traditional french food.

5. Look magazine-worthy in your portraits

None of our couples have ever been models. And yet… they feel model worthy after they see their portraits. We guarantee your portraits from your session with us will be some of the best portraits you have ever had of yourself… ever. And if for some crazy reason you’re not in love with them? (you had a hair fiasco for example) then we will RE-DO the photoshoot at no extra cost to you. This is not meant to be some tricky scheme against our couples, I genuinely want you to have the best time and to be in love with your portraits and more in love with your partner afterwards.

6. To celebrate an engagement!

Whether you recently got engaged or if it was 6 months ago…. 5 years down the road no one is going to judge you for getting your engagement photos right away, or a few months late. But you will regret not going for that special portrait session together. Let me tell you, your engagement is worth celebrating. Let me repeat, your love is worth celebrating. It’s not only about the wedding day. It’s about your love together.

7. To get comfortable with your photographer

This is a great way to test-run your photographer before the wedding. If the results are bad or you did not mesh well with your photographer after your couple’s photoshoot…. this is the time to bail. Better now than regretting something after your wedding.

8. To get comfortable in front of the camera

This is a great to ease some nerves before your wedding and practice what it will be like in front of the camera for portraits. The difference between a couples photoshoot and your wedding is that with your couple’s photoshoot you can take all the time you need and even re-do it if need be. You can’t re-do your wedding and you will probably be pressed for time. Better be safe than be sorry and practice ahead of time.

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