portrait of a couple dancing during their engagement session in Nice, France

Engagement Session On The French Riviera

November 13, 2023
Engagement Session

This beautiful engagement session on the French Riviera took place in Nice, France.

portrait of a couple dancing during their engagement session in Nice, France

Why have an engagement session on the French Riviera?

Having an engagement session is a special way to connect with your fiance, to celebrate your engagement, and to create these special memories before your actual wedding.

Regardless of where you’re going to have your wedding, if you and your fiance love to travel, then you should absolutely be talking together about planning a trip to the French Riviera.

The French Riviera is in the south of France, located on the Mediterranean Sea. The sun is out almost year round, the sea is a vibrant blue, the culture and cuisine are exquisite. Hands down, the French Riviera is a top romantic and stunning destination to travel to as a couple.

Best spots in Nice, France for an engagement session

There are a lot of beautiful places on the French Riviera that I have personally scouted out for the best photoshoot locations. Let’s start with Nice, France.

Nice is a decent sized city on the French Riviera and there are some beautiful gems of where to go for a photoshoot.

1. Old Town in Nice, France

Nice has the largest old town neighborhood among all the cities and towns on the French Riviera. It’s so quaint and the colors are vibrant. Perfect place to wander around and take photos.

2. Castle Hill in Nice, France

This is also unique to Nice. There is a hill overlooking Nice and the French Riviera. The views are just amazing up there. Give yourselves 20-30 minutes to walk all the way up so that you don’t have to rush up and feel sweaty at the top. In addition to the great views at the top, there’s also a big park with pretty trees, benches, and roman style architecture that all serve for beautiful photo spots.

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