Dreamy Couples Photoshoot With A Horse In The South Of France

June 21, 2024
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There’s something incredibly dreamy about combining the south of France, a majestic horse, and your couples portraits. We think you’ll agree too after seeing the results.

It’s really important to research the right location to have a couples photoshoot with a horse. You don’t want to just show up to any riding stable. Most horse riding stables don’t have beautiful backdrops or the right space for a couples photoshoot. The paddocks, horse equipment, other stalls, people, etc are usually in the way and don’t make for a good background. Additionally, it can be tricky to transport a horse or find a location that is horse friendly. All of these things need to be taken into consideration.

This couples photoshoot took place at a horse property in Menton, France. Menton is on the French Riviera and is a quintessential town that showcases the beauty of the south of France. This location was perfect for the photoshoot because there was a beautiful field overlooking where the sun sets. There was also a nature trail to walk back and forth on with the horse.

Believe it or not, there are some horses that are more photogenic than others. By this, I simply mean you want your horse to be calm during your couples photoshoot. The more your horse moves around, wants to walk off, or just gets excited, the harder it is to capture beautiful portraits. So make sure you have a well behaved horse.

The best time for a couples photoshoot with a horse is around sunset. It’s the best time of day to capture soft, golden light. You’ll want to count on 2 hours of photoshoot time because you need the extra time when handling a horse.

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