wedding photoshoot on a yacht on the French Riviera

Wedding Yacht Photoshoot On The French Riviera

June 22, 2024
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Treat yourselves to a glamorous outing with a wedding photoshoot on a yacht while you’re on the French Riviera.

The yacht picked us up at a port right next to Nice, which is an incredibly convenient location since you’re right next to the international airport.

We jetted off in the afternoon and it was an amazing experience to see the coast line of the French Riviera from the water. The south of France is remarkable already just when you’re on land – from the water is a whole other level.

We enjoyed the afternoon and the pleasant weather. I started off by capturing some fun portraits of Betty in a bikini before moving onto couples portraits.

When we were planning their yacht wedding photoshoot we decided it would be fun to have multiple outfits. This way they would get to choose different vibes, have more variety, and just have some fun with different outfits. First we did bathing suits. Then we did evening wear – the bride wore an evening dress that was understated luxury and the groom was in his suit. We didn’t want to go right away into wedding attire. It was nice to get a variety of different looks and end with the best – the wedding dress.

We anchored the yacht in a secluded cove along the French Riviera to enjoy watching the sunset. The bride changed into her wedding dress so we capture the best photos during the peak sunset time – golden hour.

At this point in their wedding photoshoot on the yacht it was only fitting we would pop some champagne. It really fits the mood to celebrate an amazing weekend overall. It couldn’t have been a more romantic, relaxing, and special outing.

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