December 5, 2017 02:26 PM

Chiha Studios- The Spot

A blog dedicated to all the 'behind-the-scenes' at Chiha Studios. Where you'll get a glimpse of our newest and most favorite portraits and wedding photos. The ins and outs of what we do and how we do it, like 'how I got the shot.' And also a peak into the lives of the photographers behind it all, myself- Gaby and my dad- Pierre.

We LOVE hiking- in New Hampshire this November, 2017

I love working at Pierre Chiha Photographers where I'm a head photographer for all of our different categories of portraiture and events. But my favorite thing is wedding photography. And that's what I want to focus on. And thus, Chiha Studios was born. Simple as that!

Pierre is the boss of Pierre Chiha Photographers and I'm the boss (sort of!) of Chiha Studios. I'm eternally thankful that I have my dad to help steer me back into the right lane whenever I try to make a rash business decision or ridiculous marketing move- like up and moving our studio to New York....

just kidding!​

Slaving away at work (probably)

So here goes the story of Chiha Studios- my first business venture.

Up next? Well, if this is a story. Up next is the prequel! Yes, there is such a thing to a photography studio.

The wedding prequel. 

Upcoming bottle popping...

~ GC
'artistic wedding photography for the wildly in love'

Leave me a comment anytime about what you liked, or what you'd like to see here!​

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